"Forests alive"<br/>Forest evapo-transpiration<br/><em>photo © Katherine Secoy</em> Surveying the Iwokrama Reserve, 370,000 hectares<br/>of pristine rainforest within the Guiana Shield<br/><br/> "Biodiversity"<br/><em>photo © Sue Cunningham </em><br/><br/> "Refugia"<br/><em>photo © Sue Cunningham </em><br/><br/>

Valuing the world's rainforests

Canopy Capital is a private equity firm focused on the development of new ecosystem services markets (including REDD+)

Canopy Capital was established in 2007 to drive capital to the rainforest canopy.

The ecosystem services provided by tropical forests are vital to maintaining life on earth. Our energy, food and environmental security all depend on keeping tropical forests alive.

Entire national economies - cities, water suppliers, agri-business and hydropower - rely to some extent on these 'eco-utilities'. And without a solution to rainforest protection, there is no solution to tackling climate change.

Putting a price on these services is like taking out an insurance policy to maintain our life support system. It has the potential to generate billions of dollars to help forest owning nations and their communities tackle poverty and finance their transition towards low carbon development.

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