Financial Advisors are important for many reasons. Primarily, they help millions of consumers achieve their financial goals. These goals are as varied as the individuals themselves and many Financial Planners and Financial Advisory firms tailor their services to meet certain segments of this vast and diverse population.

Individuals might consider managing their own finances but do not have the training, skill sets and experience that financial planners and advisors have.

Yes, we are independent financial advisers with access to the whole of market on an agreed remuneration basis; be that fee, commission, or offset.

How much do I owe you for this initial consultation?
No charge is made for the initial information gathering process.

All subsequent recommendations will be subject to an agreed remuneration basis which is detailed in our terms of business.

How much State Pension am I likely to get?
You can request a State Pension forecast from The Pensions Service which will give you an estimate of your Basic State Pension including any graduated pension, SERPs Pension and S2P which you may have accrued throughout your employment history.

Together with this information, we can look at any personal pensions and/or employer’s occupation pensions and help you plan for your retirement.